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PV Performance Engineering


​TDC provides performance engineering services to the PV Industry with a focus on acceptance testing of new PV plants.
Services currently offered include:
  • ASTM E2848 based capacity tests
  • Energy (performance index) tests
  • Performance ratio (PR) tests
  • SCADA/DAS data extraction and review
  • Diagnosis of under performance
  • Review of met station designs and sensor installation details
  • Writing and review of performance testing contract exhibits
  • pvcaptest training
  • Please get in touch if you are interested in services not listed



Ben Taylor | Principal Consultant

Ben has an educational background in Mechanical Engineering and Architectural Sciences and has been working in the PV industry for over 10 years. He has worked in a variety of roles prior to performance engineering with a focus in DC design and project engineering.  He has conducted performance tests for 1.6+ GW of DC capacity across 100+ projects ranging in size from 1MW to 360MW DC.

Ben is a native of Austin, Texas and lives in East Austin with his wife and little boy.  He is an avid rock climber, a sci-fi literary enthusiast, and enjoys a good homemade margarita.

pvcaptest is an open-source python package intended to facilitate capacity testing following ASTM E2848 - Standard Test Method for Reporting Photovoltaic Non-Concentrator System Performance.

pvcaptest is provided for free as an open source project with the intention of facilitating agreement between all parties involved in performing and reviewing performance acceptance tests based on ASTM E2848.

TDC created and maintains pvcaptest.
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